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FY22 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

At Columbus McKinnon, it’s our goal to ensure our culture lives up to the highest standards for how we treat each other, our customers, and our global communities. We are committed to measuring our success and being purposefully transparent with our stakeholders. Download our 2022 Corporate Social Responsibility Report to learn more.

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A Message From Our CEO


I am excited to launch Columbus McKinnon’s second annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report in the midst of one of the most transformational periods in our Company’s history. We believe that sustainable development and responsible business practices are key to our success during this exciting time. We are unwavering in our efforts to always do better for all of our stakeholders - employees, communities, shareholders, customers, and suppliers. To that end, we fully recognize the importance of open and transparent communication about how we are mitigating risks and capitalizing on opportunities, especially those that impact people and the environment. We have continued to refine our governance practices and implementation processes to integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) elements deeper into our everyday business activities.

Over the last two years, we have focused our efforts on adding structure to the ESG issues that are material to our business. We have set goals, implemented metrics, and have integrated ESG into our strategic plan. This year, I am proud to reveal our new Company Purpose Statement: Together we create intelligent motion solutions that move the world forward and improve lives. This statement was developed with input from a wide-reaching, global group of Columbus McKinnon associates. We find examples of our successful achievement of our purpose in our everyday work. For instance, we worked together with a major e-commerce company to develop a custom conveyor optimized to work on mobile robots in facilities worldwide, helping to improve the efficiency, accuracy and speed of the company’s global order fulfillment process, supporting fast delivery of products to consumers.

We have an exciting business strategy to become the global leader in intelligent motion solutions for material handling. This strategy is built upon a foundation supported by the Columbus McKinnon Business System (CMBS) and its focus on the principles of being market led, customer centric and operationally excellent, while ensuring that our people and values are at the center of everything that we do. From there we are leveraging our Core Growth Framework with its balanced emphasis on strengthening, growing, expanding and reimagining our “Core” as we execute on organic and acquisitive growth initiatives. We made two critical acquisitions in Fiscal Year 2022, Dorner Manufacturing Corporation and Garvey Corporation, that transformed our business mix, provided access to attractive, higher growth, secular markets and improved our earnings profile. We are excited to welcome Dorner and Garvey to the Columbus McKinnon family and integrate the businesses, align our teams, increase engagement and improve our culture.

Like most companies around the world, we continue to navigate through what is now the third year of the global COVID-19 pandemic. We have remained resilient through the changes and challenges the pandemic has presented, including supply chain and workforce concerns. However, one thing remains constant, and that is our number one priority: the health and safety of our employees and all who come in contact with Columbus McKinnon and our intelligent motion solutions for material handling. Despite the impacts of COVID-19 and other global macro-events, the Columbus McKinnon team has found ways to advance our strategy, execute our plans, deliver for our customers, and achieve our goals. I could not be prouder of our team, and I am incredibly thankful for their dedication and perseverance in these turbulent times.

-David J. Wilson, President and CEO


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Columbus McKinnon is committed to corporate social responsibility and to making measurable and meaningful progress in all areas of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). I'm excited to be a part of such an impactful effort!. We are deliberate in our approach to evaluating the material risks related to ESG within our business, and we are actively seeking opportunities for improvement and value creation for our stakeholders. We are intent on fully integrating ESG principles into our daily work at every level of the organization.


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