ZWW-L ATEX Wall-mounted rack & pinion jacks


Capacity 300 - 10000 kg
The rack and pinion jack is suitable for lifting, lowering, pulling and pushing, for horizontal displacement, supporting, adjusting or fixing of heavy components or whole appliances and equipment in hazardous areas.

Features & Benefits

• Carefully selected materials and a high-grade coating prevent the occurrence of mechanically caused sparks.
• No inadmissible heating of the surfaces due to the intelligent design of the individual parts.

• Equipotential bonding and limited surface area to avoid electrostatic charging.
• The grease-lubricated, self-locking worm gear is set into operation by rotations on the crank. It provides not only for easy movement of the load, but also for a reliable safety in every position.

Application areas
Plant construction, shipping, wastewater treatment plants, chemical industry and food industry.