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The generation and delivery of power are essential to keeping our lives and businesses up and running. Although power is often taken for granted, we understand the hard work that goes into maintaining continuous uptime of existing power plants, meeting new plant construction schedules, and distributing power to millions of people every day. Whether you’re performing maintenance on a turbine, lifting gates on a dam, or repairing utility lines, your tools and equipment need to be reliable.

Columbus McKinnon provides intelligent, safe, and high-performing motion control products and solutions for your entire facility or job site. No matter the power source, we can help increase the safety, uptime, and productivity of your power generation or transmission application.

Reliable natural gas filter change in shimmering heat with lifting and traversing system from Pfaff-silberblau

For natural gas filter towers in the Saudi-Arabian desert, Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products GmbH, Kissing/Germany, has developed and installed a special lifting and traversing system for exchanging filter elements. This involves the use of 19 specially designed trolleys in three different sizes and eight gantry cranes made from ATEX-compliant lifting elements and electric wire rope winches from Pfaff-silberblau. This extremely heavy-duty special solution is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius, sand and dust and even the explosive environment.

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Pfaff-silberblau supplies PHOENIX telescopic lifting column for electron storage ring BESSY II

PHOENIX telescopic lifting columns from Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products can be used in a variety of applications, as illustrated by the current example of a special test bench application at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. Here, the Pfaff-silberblau lifting column PHOENIX takes over the manual height adjustment when guiding a photon beam to experimental stations (beamlines) – as sensitively as possible and backlash-free in order to guide the photon beam precisely through narrow apertures. The telescopic lifting column should therefore be as stiff as possible and the telescopic guide free of side play. Due to its technical design, Pfaff-silberblau's PHOENIX telescopic lifting column was able to meet the high demands of scientists in the standard version so well that no additional design effort was required for the height adjustment.


Brands Serving the Power & Utility Industry

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How To Properly Inspect Your Lever Strap Hoist

When using a lever strap hoist, it’s important to inspect it regularly to prevent accidents or product failures. These inspections are broken down into frequent and periodic inspections.


VFDs Enable Feedback for Power Station Turbine Cranes

Two overhead traveling cranes operate in tandem to move and maintain 100+ ton power-generating turbines. Magnetek brand IMPULSE® drives improved control with more precise lifting, reliable operation, operator feedback, and the ability to adjust crane functionality.

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Columbus McKinnon carries a large selection of hoist and rigging products designed to be used for a variety of utility transportation and distribution applications. From strap hoists and lever tools to wire grips and rigging products, we help you get the job done and get home safe.


NHPC Ltd., an Indian power and utility company needed a reliable and experienced partner for lifting technology the construction of a hydroelectric power plant in the Himalayas. DSD NOELL GmbH from Wurzburg and STAHL CraneSystems from Kunzelsau rose to the challenge of these requirements.


Pfaff-silberblau - product overview lifting and motion technology

We are technology leaders in components and system solutions for mechanical motion and lifting technology.

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