Camlok Clamp TTR In Use
Camlok Clamp TTR In Use

Camlok TTR Girder stacking clamps

Lifting Clamps

Camlok Clamp TTR In Use
Camlok Clamp TTR In Use
Girder grab for transport as a H, model TTR
Capacity 750 - 3000 kg
The girder grab TTR is designed for beam transport in the H position, ideal for lifting and stacking of girders. The unique position of the offset suspension lug keeps the girder virtually horizontal during transport, allowing easy placement in saw vices and hole punches.
The positive safety lock keeps the clamp safely locked, even before the lift begins. This allows the operator to place the clamp, lock it closed and move away from the load. The lever ensures easy opening and closing of the clamping jaw and has a “lock open“ feature.

Features & Benefits

Used to lift and transport structural beams up to a surface hardness of 300 Brinell (32HRc) with the flanges in the upright position
Versatile tool for transporting girders and joists. Can be used to lift and stack girders horizontally.
The hook rings are designed to be as a near to the center of gravity as possible, resulting in a near horizontal lift
Clamp is fitted with a cam-operated locking mechanism
Short beams may be lifted with a single clamp, longer beams should use 2 clamps in combination with a spreader beam
Design factor 4:1