CraneKit for Monorail Systems and Jib-Cranes

With its CraneKit for Monorail Systems and Jib-Cranes, STAHL CraneSystems offers crane builders worldwide the possibility to complete orders effectively and economically with little planning outlay. Thanks to simple configuration of the crane system in our in-hou se sales program SalesManager, users can easily select and coordinate the various components with each other. With the help of a detailed visualisation, you can immediately see what your system will look like. You obtain exact details regarding the technology and prices.


Click a CraneKit
STAHL CraneSystems provides the intuitive planning software SalesManager with a continuously updated database, enabling access to the complete standard programme. The CraneKit consists of hoist, power supply, control pendant, terminal box, equipment box and other options, for example limit switch actuators, travelling stops and SMC Multicontroller.

As reliable, robust and safe hoist of high quality, you can choose from chain hoists as well as wire rope hoists with power supply. On request, the complete product portfolio is also available in explosion-proof design according to ATEX or IECEx. Optional risers and main switches can be selected.

CraneKit version
The right or left version of the CraneKit is determined by the direction in which the operator looks at the power supply. In a left-hand CraneKit version, the feed point is on the left-hand side – optionally on the right. The electrical connection box and the trolley drive are on the opposite side of the power supply. The towing arm is on the drum side in the case of a wire rope hoist and opposite the trolley drive in the case of a chain hoist.


CraneKit for Monorail Systems and Jib-Cranes