Unified Rail Hangers Photo
Unified Rail Hangers Photo

Unified Hangers

Enclosed Track Rail System Components

Unified Rail Hangers Photo
Unified Rail Hangers Photo

Hangers allow the rail system to attach to either the buildings steel or a free stand structure.

Features and Benefits

In order to suspend the rail systems from structural steel, a system of hangers are required. Hanger assemblies are engineered hardware designed to support runways from the customer’s structural steel and can be ordered in a variety of lengths. Each style of hanger has its own clamping arrangement; rigid, articulating, parallel, drop angle. Hangers are designed to attached to different types of flanges, review the descriptions for sizes. Consult factory for special applications.

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Download 2D and 3D product CAD drawings for all Unified product offerings. Browse through our product library and download a .dwg or .stp file.

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