Industrial Spring Cable Reel
Industrial Spring Cable Reel

Industrial Duty Spring Reels

Cable Reels

Industrial Spring Cable Reel
Industrial Spring Cable Reel
Magnetek Industrial Spring cable reels are an ideal power delivery solution for crane and hoist applications.

Features and Benefits


  • General purpose applications
  • Cost-effective
  • Pre-engineered
  • Available in five standard sizes


Magnetek Cable Reels

Magnetek’s cable reel product line is a superior solution to effectively and compactly manage large lengths of cable. The cable reel is fixed to a specific point, while the cable end connects to the moving part of the equipment.

Magnetek Support Services

Over 150 years of combined experience means Magnetek has the expertise to skillfully serve your application needs before, during, and after we complete a project. With products designed to maximize the performance of your material handling system, start-up and field assistance, programs designed to train employees on optimal product usage, and quick, value-driven product repair and recertification, Magnetek is able to assist you with the highest level of service.


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