Can a Hammerlok be Used for Hoist Chain Repair?

Rigging | How To's | Safety and Training | By Columbus McKinnon Training | Jan 01, 0001

A customer asks:

“Can a Hammerlok coupling link be used to repair hoist chain?”

Our trainers answer: 

Mechanical coupling links such as Hammerloks should not be used to join hoist load chain together. This presents a number of safety hazards to the operator and can cause possible damage to the hoist. Hoist load chain when damaged, worn, or when a longer reach is desired must be replaced with the proper length (one piece) from the original manufacturer.


Hoist chain cannot be repaired nor should a mechanical coupling link be used to repair broken links. If the hoist load chain broke due to an overload situation, a full breakdown and inspection of the hoist must be performed in accordance with ASME B30.16 and manufacturer’s guidelines.

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