Is Changing a Hoist Brake Considered a Modification?

Hoisting & Lifting Equipment | By Columbus McKinnon Training | May 11, 2016


Rod, a Canadian crane services manager and recent safety webinar attendee, asked:

“Is changing a hoist brake a modification?

Our Columbus McKinnon training team responds to this hoist brake question:

Changing a hoist holding brake is not a modification simply because the brake is being replaced.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines modification as: “a change in something (such as a system or style).”

If we replace a holding brake on a hoist and it is original equipment from the manufacturer of the brake we are replacing and it is identical to the brake we are replacing, this replacement is not a modification. We have not changed the form, fit, function, size, system or style.

If we replace the original brake with a brake that will lend the same characteristics as the old or removed brake but is a different size, shape, bolt pattern, or is not according to the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications, it would be considered a modification.

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