Establish a Strong Foundation with Duff-Norton® Essentials Platform Screw Jacks

By Columbus McKinnon | Apr 04, 2022

Get the benefits of precision gearing when you use Essentials Platform Screw Jacks. The Essentials Platform is a robust, cost-effective solution that features standard screw lengths and options, making it easy to find and configure the best screw jack for your unique application.

Safety First  
Essential Screw JackOur Essentials Platform Screw Jacks were developed with safety in mind. With a minimum screw column strength that’s 2x higher than the screw jack’s lifting capacity, you can trust that your load is secure.

Drop-in Compatibility
Essentials Platform Screw Jacks are easy to install and feature drop-in replacement compatibility with many competitor models. Available in standard screw lengths, you won’t have to rebuild your system or purchase multiple new parts.

Precision Gearing
Developed with precision gearing and ACME screw construction, Essentials Platform Screw Jacks limit backlash to a minimum of 0.011", resulting in smoother, more precise operation.


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