Replacement Parts

Columbus McKinnon products are known for their long life, durability, and repairability. Columbus McKinnon replacement parts may be purchased from select authorized distributors.

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Find a Parts Dealer

To purchase parts, go to our Authorized Repair Center Locator and enter your zip code. A complete list of dealers in your area will be displayed. Ensure your chosen dealer has access to the parts you need by clicking the "Details" option next to the dealer name:


Look for the brand parts you're looking for, i.e. "CM Parts" or "Chester Parts."



Find & Order Parts

When you choose Parts Star™ by Columbus McKinnon, you'll be purchasing authentic Columbus McKinnon parts designed to fit a hoist's exact specifications; maintaining warranty requirements and the integrity of the hoist's superior design and safety features. Find and order replacement parts with the Parts Star Parts List. Search by product type, product model, capacity, or serial number. Total Repair Kits & Bulk Packaged Parts available. Accessible to select Columbus McKinnon Distributors.

Parts Star