How Much Will Regenerative Technology Save You?

Elevator | Power & Motion Technology | By Samantha Lotz | Jun 30, 2016

Our goal is to help you save energy and money while improving elevator reliability for your customers. Our regenerative drive technology is designed to help transform your building into a facility that measures up to modern buildings in functionality, comfort, and energy savings. 

But, how can you accurately calculate how much energy-and money-regeneratie drives can save you on your next project?

Don't worry, we've got you covered.




The new Energy Savings Calculator was designed to help you calculate the savings, and gives you the opportunity to:

  • Save and Print Calculations
  • Select Metric or Imperial Units
  • Compare Machine Types

When you register for access to the Energy Savings Calculator, you will also receive access to our Customer Portal that is designed specifically to give you quick access to the industry tools and product information you need every day. You can even have your company logo included on your saved energy savings calculation.